Woman Arrested for Shooting Dog

A woman in Greeley, Colorado is arrested after she shot her poodle terrior mix with a .22 caliber handgun. Police said they found the woman in her front yard crying. She told officers that she couldn’t afford to euthanize the 15-year old dog who was sick. The woman told the Greeley Tribune, “Bailey was my best friend. I had a lot of financial problems lately, and my car was stolen, so I didn’t have any money to take her to a vet to have her put down.” She was arrested under felony animal cruelty charges.


xPirate’s response to the situation: I’m conflicted. I don’t know what the condition of the dog was, I guess. If the dog was like suffering tremendously, then I believe that the woman did the right thing. If it wasn’t suffering though, she should have let nature kill it. However, I don’t believe that she should have been arrested. The lady had the dog’s best interest in heart. She was in no way being cruel about it. Vets shouldn’t charge money to put animals down. THAT sounds more like cruelty to me.

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