When I first started this blog I was unsure about where I wanted to take it exactly. I read on many different blogging sites that it is important to have a subject for your blog. I kept thinking to myself, “I like everything and want to write about everything!” Then it finally hit me! I was always hearing interesting stories on the news that I just HAD to share with people. And that’s what this blog has become!

xPirate – Welcome to Life is an opinionated news blog. It brings you the most interesting stories in politics, economics, entertainment, technology, and just regular old news. All of my posts are backed by a source, be it from the associated press or a press release. I always post a summary or description of the story before my own opinions. Of course, any article is going to have be written with a certain slant, but I still try to present the facts before the opinions. I think it is important that people formulate their own opinions on the matter and encourage discussion via the comment section of the blog.


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