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Bank Robbery Fit for the Comic Books

A recent bank robbery in Monroe, Washington has investigators stifled by the creativity of what could very well be the worlds next super villian. The robbery happened around 11AM at the Bank of America when an armored car security guard was peppersprayed. The robber than proceeded to the nearby creek where he escaped on an intertube. Many of the investigators had never experienced such a creative get away.

What’s more appauling than the get-away was the ad on craigslist from a supposed road construction company that asked people wanting a job to meet right near the bank. The applicants were asked to wear a yellow vest, safety goggles, a respirator mask, and if possible, a blue shirt. About a dozen people showed up only to later find out that they had been recruited into decoys for the robber, who wore the same attire.

The robber is still at large. Police have found the intertube he used but have no trace of him after that. They are still investigating the ad on craigslist.


xPirate’s thoughts on the new super villian: First of all, I want to say RIGHT ON! I don’t condone bank robbery, but this man was obviously intelligent. I give him props. It reminded me a lot of the bank robbery scene from The Dark Knight, when the Joker kills off all his accomplices and takes all the money for himself. If this man is the next real world super villian, I’d cheer him on.

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