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Cadbury Chocolates Recalled for Melamine

British chocolate company Cadbury announced today that they would be recalling 11 different types of chocolate after tests showed they contain Melamine. Melamine is a chemical used in the manufacturing of plastics and has also recently been found in baby formula. The chocolate, as well as the baby formula, was made in Chinese factories. A company spokesman told the press, “These are preliminary findings from tests. And it’s too early to say where the source was or the extend of it.”


xPirate’s thoughts on the subject: This hasn’t been the first time we’ve seen contaminated products coming from China. It certainly won’t be the last. My personal opinion, they don’t like us and are trying to KILL US ALL! Okay, that may be a little extreme. I’m not sure if I believe that the chemicals found in the products were there by accident though.

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