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Kid’s Rampage Kills 13 Zoo Animals

A seven year old little boy evaded zoo security as he jumped over the fence to enter Wednesday morning. He proceeded to bludgeon animals with rocks and even went as far as to throw some over the fence of the crocodile cage. At one point he was seen trying to get into the crocodile enclosure himself. The zoo director stated that many of the animals were rare and going to be difficult to replace. The boy is too young to be held responsible, but the zoo is looking into suing the parents. “We’re looking into suing the parents, who were supposedly in control of him at the time.”


xPirate’s thoughts on the subject: Where the hell is this kid’s parents? And if they were just standing back watching, they should not be allowed to even have children! This is insane. Does the boy have some sort of mental disability? If he doesn’t, I’m terrified of what he will turn into when he gets older (murderer, much?) I hope his parents do get sued, because the zoo will most certainly win the case. They lost 13 rare animals. And all I can really say about this situation is, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THAT KID!?

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